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Figgoscope-curates brings together exclusive products from Portugal to Australia. We look at brands and makers that remain true to their roots, whilst offering a product that is versatile and contemporary. 

Eclipse Ottoman Coffee Table






Designed by architect Marta Figueiredo and made in Melbourne, the ethereal two-tiered Eclipse coffee table ottoman plays with height, texture and functionality – creating a striking visual piece.

The elevated circular stone top floats above the upholstered base, utilising the shaded space below as concealed storage. The moon-like surface of the Galaxy Dolomite stone sits motionless, while the upholstered vertical fabric pleats of the base orbit the table with a steady rhythm.
The circular shape of the stone is a fixed form while the upholstered base design was developed to be stretched or shrunk in size, alluding to eclipsing forms.

The Eclipse base is made of structured, water-repellent woven wool from the Portuguese mountains offering 65 colours. The tactile vertical stitch is hand sewn by the seamstresses at the Burel artisanal factory.
The Galaxy Dolomite stone, rich in quartz adds hardness to allow the top to be thin at 15mm.
Working with our local upholsterer and stonemason we have achieved an elegant blend of beauty and function. The Eclipse is a dynamic and sophisticated coffee table suitable for any sized space commercial or residential, with the option of 600mm or 800mm diameter stone top and customisable base. 
The Eclipse is gracious and a moonlight in a room!

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Dimensions: OPTION 1 SMALL                                                      TABLE TOP: 600 diameter (Ø) x 15mm ( stone thickness) - 440mm elevated 

                                                                                                         UPHOLSTERED BASE: 600(W) x 300 (H) x 1000 (Length is customisable) 

Dimensions: OPTION 2  LARGE                                                     TABLE TOP: 800 diameter (Ø) x 15mm ( stone thickness) - 440mm elevated 

                                                                                                         UPHOLSTERED BASE: 800(W) x 300 (H) x 1300 (Length is customisable) 

 Materials                                                                                        TABLE TOP: Galaxy Dolomite Stone (other stone options available) 

                                                                                                        TIMBER STAND: Stained Vic hash or natural Oak (customisable finish) 

                                                                                                         UPHOLSTERED BASE: Burel Fabric - 100% 

                                                                                                          Available in 66 fabric colours

                                                                                                          Features: 3-D Patterns - “Pregas” 

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