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Figgoscope-curates brings together exclusive products from Portugal to Australia. We look at brands and makers that remain true to their roots, whilst offering a product that is versatile and contemporary. 

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B U R E L F A C T O R Y 3-D S T I T C H E S


BUREL FACTORY offer a range of 18 three-dimensional patterns made from 100% wool burel fabric.  All the stitches are handmade which gives the final product an organic, individualised feel and allows any required adjustments.

With stitches, BUREL FACTORY’ designers take us for a magic journey into the fading away traditions of Portuguese countryside. Some of the designs are meant to evoke the memories of Portuguese landscapes: endless ploughed fields, irrigation channels bringing life-giving water; other refer to folk costumes or even measuring tools.

At FIGGOSCOPE CURATES, we love the tribute to the land where burel fabric was invented, but when we first saw the stitches, we were amazed by the aesthetic outcome of these inspirations: the dense, humble burel fabric, when structured, folded, pleated or pinched becomes alive and invites for interaction.


The burel fabric is sturdy and resistant, and when shaped, it becomes indoor landscapes, tactile surfaces which with the play of light displays the life in it and becomes a statement piece on its own.

Due to the BUREL FACTORY fabric’s characteristics and smart design of the three-dimensional patterns, Burel Stitches are resistant to traction, ripping, pressure, and daylight, and support frequent usage without changing colour or shape, thus becoming ideal for use in commercial and residential projects.

All burel stitches products are custom made to individual, often site-specific requirements offering unique, bespoke solutions with applications for wall panels, headboards, rugs and furniture.

BUREL FACTORY collections include a range of 18 range of pattern structures, available in 56 colour options.

wall covering & ceiling lining SPECIFICation

  • FIRE RESISTANCEAS/NZS 3837- Group Classification 2