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Figgoscope-curates brings together exclusive products from Portugal to Australia. We look at brands and makers that remain true to their roots, whilst offering a product that is versatile and contemporary. 

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B U R E L    C U S H I O N S


At Figgoscope Curates, we had an instant passion for this luxurious product.  Just one Burel Cushion can uplift any interior: its woollen fabric gives the feel of cosiness, invites to touch; it's sculpted-like surface can be almost hypnotising! Deep colours of Burel Fabric, when given the third dimension transform into a spectacle of light and shadow. Melanges delicately vibrate with different tones and display their elusive nature even better when given the cushion’s volume.

Burel Cushions take Burel Fabric and Burel Stitches to another level of aesthetic excitement combined with functionality. They are available in all the Burel Fabric colours and Burel Stitches. 

Additionally, all the Burel products are made in-house, so if your project requires any non-standard sizes or shapes, simply let us know, and we will take care of the rest.

At the core of this product remains the sturdy, reliable Burel Fabric. Thanks to wool’s natural characteristics, Burel Cushions repel dust, do not wrinkle or lose shape and can be easily maintained. But looking at Burel Cushions, it is easy to forget about down to earth practicalities. With an unforced beauty, a simple cushion becomes a statement piece, a feature on its own.

The cushions three dimensional surface can be picked from 18 core designs and it's available  in 48 colours from Burel chart.