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Figgoscope-curates brings together exclusive products from Portugal to Australia. We look at brands and makers that remain true to their roots, whilst offering a product that is versatile and contemporary. 


gur rugS

G U R  A R T  R U G S


Gur Art Rugs, a handcrafted limited edition range, add a compelling element to every interior with their contemporary twist on decades-old Portuguese looming techniques. Each rug showcases a modern design by an international artist or designer, yet has been manually constructed using ancient handlooms. Revitalising an age-old craft to produce new designs makes these rugs original works of art of impeccable resiliency and style.   

These exclusive art rugs offer fresh possibilities for enhancing spaces with their modern designs and authentic construction. In 2013, Celia Esteves combined her technical skills in graphic design and printmaking with the careful looming craft native to northern Portugal where she is from. She founded GUR where she partnered with guest artists to produce one-of-kind rag rugs.

 The unique pulled stitch, or “puxadinho” and use of “tirela,” cotton off-cuts from jersey factories, attracted attention from Fabric

Milan’s international network of designers and artists who reached out to actualise their concepts. Each designer - whether from France, Germany or Mexico - maintained the rugs’ unique tactile qualities inherent in the pulled stitch and soft cotton material. Their rugs were eventually presented at the Salon Internazionale del Mobile and are now specially featured by Figgoscope-Curates.

Designers’ contemporary contributions to Portugal’s handlooming know-how elevated the value of this traditionally humble home object. No longer just simple floor coverings, these pieces can also be creatively displayed as wall tapestries. Either way, each art rug communicates luxury by emanating sustainable manufacturing, ingenuity, and the classic looming artistry of Portugal.